Oh Tobermory, I never get sick of that place! I’ve been thinking about it more recently due to the recent cold, wintery weather we’ve been having here. *Sigh* So I decided to create a post looking back at the warm, summer days at Tobermory.

If you’ve never heard of Tobermory, it’s a small town located around four hours north of Toronto, near Georgian Bay. I suggest the best way to make the most of your stay is to go camping. There’s nothing like being surrounded by your closest friends in the wilderness (ok, wilderness might be exaggerating it a little) and just having a good time.

With no electricity and very poor cell phone signal ( … trust me, it gets better), you can actually talk with your friends or family without any distractions from the ever-present social media posts. Plus, it’s good for keeping active and having fun because there’s so many trails to hike and chores to do around the campsite. Yes, I just said chores are fun, at least only when it comes to camping.

I suggest going to the Grotto, it’s probably the most popular place in Tobermory. You can climb down a small wall of rock to enter the Grotto (it’s super easy, don’t worry. If I can do it, you can too!). Probably the best part is climbing back up. There’s a super small opening and you have to climb up a mini cave area to get out. It’s really fun, especially when you’re emerging out of the hole and you just see a whole bunch of people starting at you, with awe and wonder, as if you’re a miner who’s been trapped underground for days and finally found your way out.

Anyways, my friends and I have had a yearly tradition (well … we missed it last year) where we’d head to Tobermory for a long weekend. Sort of like a mini vacation. I highly recommend visiting it at least once. You don’t have to camp, you can do a one-day trip and do some hiking, sightseeing and relaxing.

But perhaps the best part about Tobermory, in my opinion, is the amazing views! There’s so many photo-ops and you don’t even need a fancy camera to take pictures. The location speaks for itself.

Here’s some photos I took from a previous camping trip.















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