Hello there!

This is my blog. I’ve always been interested in fashion so I decided to create a blog dedicated to all things fashion and style. I already have a Tumblr dedicated to street style, and a Pinterest account I mostly use for fashion and food, so this blog would be a great place to express my opinions on fashion, and life in general.

Why classically casual?

Those two words refer to my personal style, classic and casual. I consider my style to be casual, with jeans, t-shirts, neutral colours, and simple skirts and dresses dominating my closet. I also see my style as classic because it mostly consists of timeless pieces, such as blazers, peacoat jackets, knit sweaters, and button-up shirts, that I can wear over and over again without it going out of style.

But I feel like classically casual can also describe me. I am very laid-back and low-maintenance, preferring the simple things in life. Although I may not be classic in terms of my mindset (I wouldn’t really say I’m traditional), I feel like in terms of design, architecture and even novels, I prefer something classic and simple.

Basically, I envision this blog to be a place where I can express myself creatively and express my personality. It’ll feature outfits I love, clothing articles found in casual and classic style, my style inspirations and little bits and pieces of my life.

I hope you enjoy my blog! 🙂

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