White sneakers.

I love the look of white sneakers. It looks clean and goes with everything you wear. Plus, it’s perfect for spring as well.

I have been searching for white sneakers for months! I have yet to find the right pair. Aka, I haven’t found a pair I could afford. Obviously my best bet is buying white sneakers from the usual brands – Vans, Keds and Converse. Although the prices aren’t that expensive, I still like to see the other options out there. With that being said, one day I still hope to buy a pair from those brands. Once I find a job.

Here’s some of my lustworthy white sneakers right now.


V a n s


 K e d s


 C o n v e r s e


Photo credits: Who What WearVans Solid Colors Slip-On, Vans Authentic, Vans Authentic Lo Pro, Vans Slip-On Perf Leather, Vans Checkerboard Slip-On, Keds Champion Original, Keds Champion Slip-On Leather, Converse Chuck Taylor Monochrome Canvas, Converse Chuck Taylor Classic, Converse Jack Purcell Tumbled Leather, Converse Chuck Taylor Monochrome Canvas

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