The silhouettes of the ’40s and ’50s are the epitome of classic and feminine, so it’s not wonder designers today are drawing inspiration from the classic styles of the past. Midi skirts emulate the classic vintage skirts of those eras — feminine, pouffy or pleated, knee to tea length, and high waisted. They are also one of the hottest trends for this spring/summer.

Midi skirts may not be the most flattering silhouette for certain body types. Due to the nature of the skirt and depending on your body type it can either make you appear shorter (due to the length of the skirt) or heavier (this is especially apparent in full midi skirts and also the length). It may not be the best option for those who are short and have a curvy bottom half as a midi skirt may emphasis your shortness and the curviness of your legs, making you appear thicker. Nevertheless, if you’re itching to try the midi skirt, make sure you find one that best compliments your figure.

I think the best ways to style a midi skirt is by either going vintage, providing contrast between feminine and edgy, or going classic.


I love this look because it is modern vintage done right. The outfit is so feminine and classic it’s hard not to love. This look screams modern Audrey Hepburn.


This is a great look for the office. Who says skirts for the office are only confined to pencil skirts? Don’t get me wrong I love me a pencil skirt, but incorporating a midi skirt to your office attire adds instant chic.


I don’t know if I’ve already expressed my love for Jessica Alba’s personal style, and in case I haven’t I’ll take the time to say it now: I LOVE her style! I mean, this outfit is flawless. The pink midi skirt is uber feminine, and the black cropped jumper is so chic. Again, very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.


The pleated white midi skirt adds texture and interest to this outfit. Also, I love the houndstooth cropped jacket too. This is a nice modern outfit that incorporates the vintage silhouette.

A very feminine outfit. This shows that pairing a high-waisted midi skirt with a crop top is the best look to go for.

main.original - collage vintage
This is a more classic outfit in that it incorporates a traditional white button-down shirt. I love the addition of the strappy heels. You would think that with the midi skirt hitting below the knee, and the strappy shoes hitting at the ankles, it would make you look shorter. But since the shoes are nude, it actually helps to elongate your legs. So if you’re worried you might look too short with a midi skirt, just wear nude heels.

Photo credits: Google Images, Bittersweet Colours, With Love from Kat, Daily Mail, Lace and Locks, Wendy’s Lookbook, Collage Vintage.

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