Oops, I did it again. I bought a brand-new denim jacket. Did I need it? Probably not. Was it 70% off? Hell yeah. You know, I recently decided to push sustainable/ethical fashion on this blog. And what did I do? I bought something brand-new.

But I feel like it’s important to show you the process of adjusting from buying fast fashion to slow fashion. For me at least, the transition isn’t that smooth, especially since it’s hard for me to shop at thrift stores now with the whole pandemic. But, this topic is for another post. Right now, let’s talk about how to style a cropped denim jacket.

The jacket I bought was the Cropped Dad Trucker Jacket from Levi’s. I’ve always wanted a cropped denim jacket and I absolutely love the look of this one. I like the baggy, casual and comfy look and the light wash. Here are some ideas on how I would style a cropped denim jacket.


Source: ShopLook

One way I like to style my cropped denim jacket is with a skirt. My style is pretty basic, sticking with classic staples and shapes. I’ve been looking for the perfect brown/tan straight, mini skirt and I think this would go perfect with a denim jacket. I wanted the top to have a classic collared look but with a twist, to add an interesting detail to the look. I like to keep my style casual, so I like wearing sneakers with a dress or skirt. But if I want to keep it a bit dressy, then booties are another one of my go-tos.


Source: ShopLook

A cropped denim jacket with a light, casual dress is a perfect summer outfit. I think white just looks the best with denim, so one of the dress options I would wear is a bohemian-style white dress. It’s perfect for summer. If you want it a little bit more dress-y, a nautical-inspired striped collared dress is perfect. It still feels summery but the collar adds a bit more of a formal touch. Finish the look with a heeled sandal.

High-waisted pants

Source: ShopLook

I love high-waisted pants. Since I’m super short, high-waisted anything always makes me look taller. For this look, I decided to go for a darker denim. Of course you can opt for denim on denim, but I personally don’t do it that much. If do, I’ll usually either wear a jacket that is darker than the jeans or vice versa. For the top, I decided to go classic (of course). If you want a super casual, laid back look, a striped t-shirt is the way to go. If you want to go a bit more dressed up but still casual, a nice cropped sweater is perfect.

These are the ways in which I would style a cropped denim jacket in my “classically casual” style. I’m a simple gal and I like to stick with the basics/classics in my look.

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