I started this blog about six years ago because I love fashion. But over the years, I grew disillusioned with the industry. I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about fashion because I didn’t feel like it was making a difference or didn’t educate people on anything “important.” And after I watched The True Cost documentary a couple of years ago, it completely changed my view of the industry. I lost the motivation to write about fashion and keep up with the latest trends.

But that documentary also made me think about fashion in a different way. It introduced me to the idea of thrift shopping. I mean, I already knew what thrift shopping was, but I never really had the motivation to do it. After watching the documentary, thrift shopping became my primary source of clothes. And books, because if you know me, then you know I’m a book hoarder.

I also started looking into “slow fashion” and trying to buy clothes not just for the cheap prices but also for the quality, timelessness and how ethical it is. Full disclosure, sometimes I find the prices for “slow fashion” pieces a bit too pricey, but I completely understand why it’s priced that way. I usually don’t have a big budget for clothes (hence why I used to buy fast fashion, for it’s cheap prices. And I rarely buy them full-price). Shopping at thrift stores is a better option for my budget.

Buy classic, timeless pieces instead of trendy, can-only-wear-it-for-one-season pieces.

But don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect. I have given in to buying fast fashion during Boxing Day or Black Friday sales. Sales are my kryptonite! But I recently discovered an app/website called Good On You that rates how ethical a brand it, whether it is a slow or fast fashion brand. I’ve been using that just to get an idea of how ethical a popular brand is, for example Adidas or Levi’s.

Right now I haven’t really been buying a lot of clothes from ethical brands. I’ve mostly just been buying from thrift stores. But I really want to start supporting slow fashion brands and stop buying fast fashion altogether.

Let me know if you know any good slow fashion brands that I should check out!

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