Who knew mom’s old clothes would be so cool?

According to the fashion industry, stealing your mom’s pair of ’80s or ’90s jeans are the “in” thing to do right now. Or, if your mom has gotten rid of her “mom jeans,” going to the thrift store to buy someone else’s mom’s old jeans is also a thing you can do. So I did just that. I asked my mom for her old ’80s jeans. It’s a little loose on the waist, but overall, it gives that desired “vintage” mom jeans look.

I find it pretty hilarious that mom jeans have been on trend for years because I’ve seen photos of my mom in her old jeans and … they’re not the prettiest sight. (Cue SNL‘s “Mom Jeans” skit). But of course everything in fashion comes down to styling. If you style your mom jeans in a more modern or vintage-inspired look, you can avoid appearing frumpy.

Since mom jeans are still in style, you can find them at pretty much every store. I personally get my “mom jeans” from Levi’s via the wedgie fit jeans. But I’ve seen people buy their jeans from Zara, H&M and Citizens of Humanity, just to name a few.

Here’s are some ways you can style mom jeans.









Photo credits: Tifmys, Aria Di Bari, The Fashion Cuisine, We Who Wander, Sonya Karamazova, Glamourina, Meagan’s Moda, Fashion Agony

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