It seems as though overalls are making a fashionable comeback. I have been seeing them all over my Tumblr and Pinterest feeds, and they are styled in such a chic way that I’ve been considering buying a pair for myself.

I remember wearing overalls back in the ’90s when I was a kid, and let me tell you, they were not very stylish. I’m glad to see the current reincarnations are more flattering and modern. There’s even different types other than the typical denim. There’s florals, different fabrics, plaid, short, baggy, the list goes on and on. With so much variety, it will be pretty easy to incorporate it into your closet and there will be numerous combinations you can do to let your personality shine through.

I’ve found that the best way to style overalls this spring is to pair it with a bright shoe, a simple shirt (striped or monochrome), or a crop top. Here are some of my favourite looks with overalls.

I love the statement shoe paired with the overalls.

overalls - I really want a pair of these!!!

Overall shorts are perfect for summer! The pairing of the crop top adds some edge to this outfit, and the converse caps off this perfect casual, laid-back summer look.


Finally, these overalls more closely resemble the classic 90s ones, but they have a more modern silhouette. Again, the bright shoe is perfect with this outfit, and wearing a simple tee underneath is the way to go.

 Photo credits: Marlow35, We Wore What, Atlantic-Pacific, Pinterest

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