October 21. Midnight sharp.

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you know what this means. If you’re not, basically, Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album Midnights is out on October 21. It tells the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout her life. As of writing this blog post, no lead single has been released and I have no idea what the album will sound like. Regardless, I already pre-ordered the vinyl, so… it better sound good!

Every time Taylor Swift releases a new album, she has a whole new aesthetic for that era. For ex., reputation era was all snakes, dark lipstick and dark clothing. Lover era was rainbows and butterflies. folklore and evermore were cottagecore vibes. The Midnights era looks like it’s all ’70s and vintage, which is my favourite!

Honestly, I’m loving all the old-timey aesthetics of this era and I’m absolutely loving all of her outfits this era. I decided to take some of my favourite outfits during this era (so far) and try to recreate them using pieces from sustainable brands. I used Remake and Good On You to help me find the brands since I’m still new to sustainable/ethical fashion. If you want the exact pieces Taylor’s wearing, check out this site.

Outfit 1 – Jade Green Cover

Taylor Swift’s Midnights album has four colour variants — moonstone blue, jade green, blood moon and mahogany. I ordered the jade green variant because it had the better cover art and the green vinyl colour is so pretty. Anyways, I figured I’d recreate the outfits featured on the jade green vinyl edition.

On the front cover, Taylor wears and sequinned, mustard colour romper/dress. It’s very ’70s-esque. I had the hardest time trying to find a romper/dress that looked close to the one on the cover. The closest I could find is this orange/yellow dress from Christy Dawn. I’m sure there’s probably a dress or romper out there that’s more similar to the original, but this is the best I could find.

On the back cover, Taylor wears a grey, knit turtle neck sweater with some stripes. I found this ribbed sweater from Whimsy + Row that I think has the same vibes, even though the designs are different.

Outfit 2 – MMWM Premiere

During the lead up to Midnights, Taylor Swift started a TikTok series called Midnights Mayhem with Me, where she slowly revealed the track names on her album at midnight. In these videos, we would spin a gold bingo roller cage contraption thingie and that’s how she would pick which track name to reveal.

These videos were fun and everything, but I mainly was looking forward to what she would be wearing since the aesthetic of this era is more ’70s-inspired. In the first episode, Taylor wore a rusty brown coloured blazer, white tee and denim shorts.

The white t-shirt and denim shorts weren’t too hard to find, but I couldn’t find a blazer in the exact same colour. The best I could find was this tan blazer, which has the same oversized look.

Outfit 3 – Maroon Track

I really liked this look as it’s simple, casual and comfy-looking. In this episode, Taylor reveals the track name Maroon, which is… cool. No idea what it will sound like or be about. But I really liked the outfit as I feel like it’s something I would actually wear. Although I don’t have any wide-legged pants, this one is something I would actually buy and wear.

Since this outfit is pretty simple and classic, it wasn’t too difficult to find sustainable options for each article of clothing. I would say the striped blouse and brown pants above look pretty similar to the ones Taylor is wearing.

Outfit 4 – Lavender Haze Track

This was an interesting look because I don’t think I’ve seen Taylor Swift in such a casual outfit — at least, she does it rarely. But I really like this outfit because it’s classic and casual at the same time. Graphic tees and jeans will never go out of style. And this outfit is super accessible. People generally will have jeans and a t-shirt somewhere in their wardrobe.

For this outfit, I couldn’t find a graphic tee with cats on it, but I did find a graphic t-shirt in the same colour family as the one Taylor’s swearing. I also found these light grey denim jeans that looks similar to the original outfit as well.

Those were some of my favourite outfits so far this era. Hope you enjoyed this blog!

There are definitely more outfits that I liked but this post would be waaaay too long and it would take forever for me to gather everything.

Are you looking forward to the new album? If you’re a fan, what’s your favourite outfit so far in this era?

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