Hi! Welcome to my fashion blog. I decided to create this blog because I love fashion. Ever since I was a kid I collected, or others would say hoarded, various fashion magazines such as Flare and Elle. I loved looking through the pages, analyzing the clothes, admiring the beauty of the models, and taking note of my favourite designers. Nowadays I use Pinterest, Tumblr, LookBook, and other social media platforms to get my fashion fix. I have a Tumblr account dedicated to street style, and my Pinterest account is saturated with fashion and style boards. I guess you can say I have a “passion for fashion”.

Admittedly, I don’t take enough risk regarding my personal style. It’s very safe. The major reason is that I don’t think I have the confidence to pull off some of the style and fashion trends I admire. Hopefully this blog will enable me to take more risks, and to become more confident in my own personal style.

What’s up with the title? Well, it’s a reference to my personal style, and the style I love. I’m a casual girl at heart. Skinnies, sneakers and/or flats, and a simple top are my go-tos. However, I also love the timelessness and simplicity of classic style. The little black dress. Tailored blazers. Collared shirts. I also love vintage style, but done is a more modern and understated manner, like incorporating vintage pieces into an outfit as opposed to head-to-toe vintage.

With all that being said, I hope you enjoy my blog and can relate to it and find some inspiration. Thanks! 🙂

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